Charter for customers of the Airline Customer Advocate


The Airline Customer Advocate is an independent body established in July 2012 as an industry based scheme to facilitate the efficient resolution of complaints from customers about the airline service provided by the five participating airlines. These airlines are Jetstar Airways, Qantas, Regional Express and Virgin Australia.


The role of the Airline Customer Advocate is to represent the interests of airline customers of the participating airlines and play a leading role in customer advocacy within the Australian airline industry.

The Airline Customer Advocate represents customers by striving to resolve complaints and consequently, though service improvements, reduce the number of complaints about airlines and the number of customer complaints that are inadequately addressed.

We provide an accessible and efficient mechanism to handle airline customer complaints that have not been resolved by direct communication between the customer and the airline under the procedure set out in the airline’s customer service charter.

The Airline Customer Advocate also makes recommendations to the participating airlines for improving their customer service.


Customers can complain about:

  • flight delays or cancellations
  • telephone or internet reservations
  • customer service at the airport or inflight
  • baggage services
  • fees and charges
  • safety and security
  • airport lounge facilities
  • frequent flyer program terms and conditions
  • discrimination and services for customers with specific needs
  • requests for refunds

The Airline Customer Advocate will inquire into complaints, seek responses and try to resolve them.  Customers will be informed about alternative avenues for dispute resolution should they be dissatisfied with the outcome of the complaint process.


The Airline Customer Advocate is committed to delivering a high quality complaint resolution service that is independent, accessible, fair and timely. We aim to continually monitor and review our complaint handling service and welcome feedback about how our service and dealings with our customers can be improved.


You can expect the Airline Customer Advocate to:

  • treat you fairly, with respect and honesty
  • be independent in all our interactions with you
  • make it easy to use our service
  • provide you with information that is clear and accurate
  • process your complaint in accordance with our published timeframe of service
  • ensure complaint outcomes are based on consideration of all relevant facts and comply with applicable legislation, policies and procedural guidelines
  • give reasons for our decisions that are easy to understand
  • explain when we cannot assist you and provide you with information about other services or bodies that may assist you 
  • be committed to delivering these service promises
  • request your feedback about our service, including compliments, suggestions or complaints.


Complaints must be lodged in writing.  You can lodge a complaint by using the online complaint form provided on our website

If you are unable to lodge a complaint online, call the Airline Customer Advocate on 1800 813 129.   A complaint form will be posted to you to complete and return for lodgement.


All complaints lodged on line will be allocated a complaint number and this complaint number will be sent to the customer at the address nominated on their complaint form.

The Airline Customer Advocate will finalise complaints within 20 working days of the date lodged.  This timeframe may be extended where more information, documentation or clarification is sought from you.


We ask you to:

  • provide us with all relevant information that is clear, accurate and up-to-date
  • promptly respond to our requests for additional information or documentation
  • inform us of changes in your contact details
  • treat us with courtesy and respect
  • let us know if you need an interpreter or other help in accessing our service.


We cannot consider your complaint if:

  • you have already filed a claim in a court or a tribunal or a complaint has been lodged with another government body in relation to the same matter, or
  • it relates to an event or circumstances that occurred more than 12 months ago, or
  • you have not tried to previously resolve your complaint with the participating airline by following the complaints process set out in the airline’s customer service charter, or
  • it is not about an airline service provided by Jetstar Airways, Qantas, Regional Express and Virgin Australia.


If you are unhappy with the service provided by the Airline Customer Advocate or our compliance with this Customer Service Charter, you can telephone 1800 813 129 to discuss your concerns.  You can also send your complaint in writing to:

Airline Customer Advocate
PO Box 371
Niddrie VIC 3042

Or fax: 03 9948 9448

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