The Airline Customer Advocate (ACA) provides a free and independent service to eligible customers of major Australian airlines by facilitating the resolution of unresolved complaints about airline services.

The role of the ACA is to effectively represent the interests of airline customers and to play a leading role in customer advocacy within the Australian airline industry.

The ACA will forward your complaint to the right person within the relevant airline and ensure you receive a response within a reasonable time (usually within 20 working days).

The ACA is funded by the participating airlines.The ACA does not have independent power to make decisions that affect the participating airline’s response to your complaint.However, the airlines are bound by their commitment to respond within the required timeframe to all complaints referred to them by the ACA.

The ACA will also contribute to the raising of the participating airlines’ standards of customer service.We will do this by monitoring and reporting on complaints received and issues raised.We can also provide recommendations to the participating airlines for improving their customer service and relationships with consumers and identify systemic issues that may lead to industry wide recommendations for change.

Our aim is to reduce complaints about airlines and reduce the number of complaints that are inadequately addressed.

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